Executive Masterminds

Lead Your Culture Executive Masterminds

Leverage the Power of Alignment Culture
Learn, build, and grow a culture by design with other executives

Executive Masterminds

Lead Your Culture Masterminds

Leverage the Power of Alignment Culture
Learn, build, and grow a culture by design with other executives

The Missing Piece of Leadership Impact

Why Lead Your Culture?

Ever feel like your leadership, training, and effort should have more impact? Within every organization is a culture that sets the unwritten rules and models how things are actually done.  Culture is an invisible force that instructs and leads everyone's behavior. It can be a powerful force of great good making your job leading easier. Or it can be the invisible force undermining your effort making things challenging and difficult. 

Building Leadership Impact

Leading your culture can be a tricky and nuanced thing. Having expertise, a validated change framework, tools, and a group of your executive peers makes it easier and more effective. Lead Your Culture masterminds include monthly learning, discussions, and collective insights to implement a more intentional and productive work culture.  Using the 10 areas of organizational transformation, we focus on implementing strategic approaches to shift and grow a competitive advantage in your culture.


Data-driven insights across your organization is the foundation to know what areas of your culture are performing and what needs greater focus. Lead Your Culture starts with proprietary culture metrics.


We all know that buildings stand or fail based on the foundations they are built upon. The same is true in company culture. These five areas form the foundation of culture and are critical to build right.


Let's face it, the potential of most people goes largely unused or undeveloped. These five areas help bring people into their potential and grow new capabilities that serve both the company and the individual.

Lead Your Culture By Design

Design & Grow Your Culture

Lead Your Culture provides insight into how your culture is currently performing and how to bring about the desired culture shift by design. Data-driven insights coupled with field-tested expertise and a community of executive peers helps navigate nuanced initiatives to design your culture with confidence and results.

Executive Mastermind


Want to create a more powerful and effective company culture? Join other executives measure culture and apply proven transformation methods with insights, expertise, and community to design your culture with skill and confidence in a private executive-only space designed to learn.

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